Some of Peter Tiersma's interviews and presentations

Interview on National Public Radio (All Things Considered, by Robert Siegel)

Interview (in Frisian) on Radio Friesland

Law and the Technologies of Communication: 
talk   powerpoint
(keynote address at Conference on Language of Law at the University of Naples (Second); introduction is by Jerome Tessuto, who organized the conference.  Click here for a brief report of the conference on RAI Italian television.)

What is Language and Law?  talk   handout
(presentation at Language and Law conference at the Heinrich-Heine-Universitaet, Duesseldorf)

The Language of Crime (presentation at San Diego State University):   talk    handout

Textualization and Its Consequences:    talk   handout
    (University of Texas Law School)

Giving a lecture in China (Guangdong University of Foreign Studies)

Oxford Handbook of Language and Law: book launch at Loyola Law School, 2012