Willelm kyng gret Willelm bisceop and Gosfregð portirefan and ealle þa burhwaru binnan Londone frencisce and englisce freondlice.  And ic kyðe eow þæt ic wylle þæt get beon eallre þæra laga weorðe þe gyt wæran on Eadwerdes dæge kynges.  And ic wylle þæt ælc cyld beo his fæder yrfnume æfter his fæder dæge.  And ic nelle geþolian þæt ænig man eow ænig wrang beode.  God eow gehealde.

Rough translation:  William the king extends friendly greetings to William the bishop and Geoffrey the port-reeve and all the citizens of London, both French and English.  And I declare to you that I wish that you to have all the laws of which you were worthy in King Edward’s time.  And I want every child to be his father’s heir after his father dies.  And I will not tolerate that any man harms you.  God preserve you.

Source:  David Bates, Regesta Regum Anglo-Normannorum: The Acta of William I (1066-1087) (1998) [no. 180 at p. 593]