Early Subpoena Writ (1388)

Ricardus [etc.] Thome Holbein, salutem.  Quisbusdam certis de causis nos et concilium nostrum intime mouentibus, tibi precipimus firmiter iniungentes quod omnibus aliis pretermissis et excusacione quacumque penitus cessante in propria persona tua sis coram nobis et dicto consilio nostro die sabbati proximo futuro vbicumque tunc fuerit [sic] ad respondendum super hiis que tibi obicientur tunc ibidem ex parte nostra et ad faciendum vlterius et recipiendum quod Curia nostra considerauerit in hac parte.  Et hoc sub pena centum librarum nullatenus ommitas.  Et habeas ibi tunc hoc breve. Teste me ipso apud Westm' xxiiij die Octobris, anno regni nostri dudecimo.

Translation: Richard [the king's titles omitted] to Thomas Holbein, greeting.  For certain causes nearly moving us and our Council, we command you, firmly enjoining you that, all other latters ladi aside and all excuse whatsover wholly ceasing, you do come in your proper person before us and oiur Council on Saturday next wheresover it shall then be, to answer to those things which shall then and there be objected against you on our behald, and further to do and receive whatever our Court shall consider in that behalf. And this on pain of 100 pounds you shall in no wise omit.  And then have you there this writ.  Witness ourself at Westminster, October 24th, in the 12th year of our reign.

Source: William Paley Baildon, Select Cases in Chancery A.D. 1364-1471 (Selden Society, 1896).