[I have done my best to decipher the Latin, which is written in court hand, and have left abbreviations intact]

    Carolus scndus dei grat  Angl Scotie Franc  et Hibern  Rex Fidei Defensor ad Rob to Clarke et uxeri et Jonathan Davyes et servientibus agentibus operat  laboratoribus et assign  suis et eorum ___ salutem OSTENSUM erat nobis in cur  cancellar  nro duodecimo die Feb . insta ________ Lingen Topp querens
    Cum idem quer  jurat quandam suam queremon  in Cur  nra predict  nuper exhib  tent  quoddam Stabilimentum re____ pearunt ad qui quidam queremon   vero prefat  def respondistissea modo vasta et spolia super premissis in questione per succisionem arborum materem _______ subboscorum super iisdem premissis existen perpetrastis et perpetrare mina? nunc inste ut dicit.
    NOS ad hec consideracionem herentes? VOBIS igitur prefat  Roberto Clarke et uxeri et Jonathan Davyes ac vobis prefat  servien  agen  operat  laborator  et assign  suis et vostram ____ sub pena mille librarum de terr  bon  et cattall  vrs et ____ vrm ad opus nostrum levand  firmiter iniungendo precipimus quod ab omni vastiori succisione vel perstracoem? arborum materen  vel subboscorum super iisdem premissis crescen vel existen ac quod ab omni vastioricommissione vel perpetratione alianus vasti sive spolii de vel super premissis perdictis vel aliqua inde parte sive  parcell  ac quod ab omni asportatione arborum materem vel subboscorum modo _______ a premissis desistatis et quilibet vrm desistatt omnis.
    Et hec sub pena predct  nullatenus omittas necomitat  (nec omittat?) vrm aliquis quodismodo.  
    Teste me ipso apud Westm  xxii die febr  anno regni nostri xxii. 
    [Chancery seal]

Loose translation:

    Charles the second, by the grace of God, king of England, Scotland, France, and Ireland, defender of the faith.  To Robert Clarke and his wife and Jonathan Davyes and their servants, agents, workers, assigns, Greeting.  
    It was SHOWN to us in our court of Chancery on the twelfth of February by plaintiff Lingen Topp, who has sworn on his complaint and exhibited in our aforesaid court a certain Stabiliment (stay) to which complaint the aforesaid defendants answered, but it is said that they now have perpetrated and continue to perpetrate waste and spoliage on the premises in question by cutting down trees and wood and underwood.
    WE now in consideration of these matters therefore firmly enjoining command you and the aforesaid servants, agents, workers, assigns to desist from all cutting or taking away of trees, wood, and undergrowth from the aforesaid premises, or to commit any other waste or spoliage, under penalty of 1000 pounds to be levied against your land, goods, and chattels for our use.  
    And this under the penalty aforesaid you should in no way omit to do.
    Witness I myself in Westminster the 22nd day of February in the 22nd year of our reign.
Source: private collection.