The Will of John Wasshborne, of Wichenford (1517)

In the name of God Amen the thryde day of the moneth of May the yere of our lord God a thowsande fyve hunderd and sevyten, I John Wassborn Esquyer in the p’sence of Fraunces Folyatt, Phelipp Chatwyn, Walter Wasshborn my sone, Henry Durant, Robert Folyatt, Rogr Botill Sr, William Wyllis my Curatt, Roger Whiteley Town clerk of Worcestre, Thomas Clerk, John Hawkyns and Thomas Smart make my testament & last wyll in this manr folowing: First I bequeth my soule to Almyghtie God our blessed lady vurgyn and to all the holy company in hevyn and my body to be buryed in the chauncell of seant Mighell in Wychenforde. Itm I bequeth to the Modre Church of or blessyd Virgyn of Worcestre ten shillings. Itm to the high aultr of seant Mighell of Wychenforde fourtie pence. Itm I bequeth to the pisshons of Wychenford all the sylke of my red damaske gown to thentent that they make therof a copp to shue in the church of Wychenforde. Itm I bequeth to my sonnes Robert and Richard to ther synding to scole xx ll. sterling to be paid by myn executours. The resydue of my goodes not bequethyd I putt theym to the disposicion of Elizabeth my wyff and of th’abovenamed Walt my sone whome I ordeign & make myn executours to se my body buryd when it is butt erth and my detts paide and to doo for my sole bettr than I have divised.

And ou thise knowe almen that where I thabovenamed John Wasshborne by my deds indentyd have enfeoffyd Nicholas Folyatt, Fraunces Folyatt my above named sone Walter Wasshborn and othre to pforme my last wyll thentent of that Feoffament my wyll is thus that after my dicease my executours to be ? & takers of the rents issues & pffects of all my hole lands & tenements conteigned in the seide Feffament Furst to se my detts payde And my suyrties discharged agenst Thomas Acton Gentilman of Stanforde for the some of threscore pounds & ten sterling. Also I will that ther be paide & delyv’ed to my doughtr Ann toward her fynding & pmocion a hundred mrcs sterling Salvyng alwey my wyffs right when it shall happen. These rents issues & pffects to be taken by my seid executours during the nonnage age of my Nevewse heyr John Wasshborn sone of Robert Wasshborne disceassyd. Wryttin and declaryd the day & yere aboveseid in the psence of the psons above rehercyd.

 Source: James Davenport, The Washbourne Family of Little Washbourne and Wichenford 32-33 (1907)