IN THE NAME OF GOD AMEN  I Margaret Silcock of Lytham Widow being of sound mind and perfect memory praised be Almighty God for the same but are being well advanced in years and considering that Life is uncertain and Death sure and minded whilst my Understanding is right to make my last Will and Testament in order that after my decease my temporal estate and effects may be disposed of according to my mind and will which I publish in the following order and form.  And for first I give to my daughter Nancy Silcock the sum of twenty Pounds Also I give to my son John Silcock the like sum of twenty Pounds Also I give my daughter Winefrid Edmondson the like sum of twenty Pounds to make my said three Children equal to my daughter Elling Sisum to whom in my Lifetime I gave the same sum of twenty Pounds.  Then I give to my son William Silcock One Feather Bed, to my son John Silcock I give One Feather Bed and my Clock, to my daughter Winefrid Edmondson I give One Feather Bed and all my Wearing Apparel.  Then it is my mind and Will that my Executors hereafter named make Sale of all my Goods and pay and discharge all my Just Debts Funeral Expenses and the Probate of this my Will Out of the Money which shall arise therefrom  And then all the rest and remainder of my Money as well that which arises from such Sale as that which I have either upon Credit or in ready Cash I give and bequeath the same Equally unto my four youngest Children viz Elling Sisum Ann Silcock John Silcock Winefrid Edmundson share and share alike.  Also I give to each of my four abovenamed Children viz Elling Ann John & Winefrid the annual or yearly Annuity of three Pounds apiece to every one of them which said yearly Annuity I will and order to be paid to each of my said Children on or upon every second day of February which shall happen after my Decease out of the rents or profits arising from my Estate of [or?] Tenement in Mythorp where I lately dwell during all the Time and so long as any of the Lives  mentioned in the original Lease thereof shall happen to live.  But if any one or more of my said Children happen to die then it is my will & mind that their said Portions and Annuities be paid in like manner as above to their Issue.  But if they died and leave no Issue then their said Portions and Annuities shall be equally divided among the remainder of my Children. Then all the Overplus Rest and Remainder of all such Rents and Profits which shall arise from my said Estate and also all my right Title and Tennent [?] thereof I give and bequeath unto my son William Silcock to lett or lease the same as he shall think most convenient.  Also I give to my son John Silcock my other House in Mythorp called Margerys with all that I purchased from Robert Bambes excepting half of the Barn which half of the Barn at the South end I give to my son William Silcock with an equal privilege on the Bean land with my son John.  Lastly I nominate my said son William Silcock Schoolmaster of Lytham and my son John Silcock Schoolmaster of Formby & Thomas Webster of Lytham Executors of this my last Will and Testament hereby revoking all other Wills declaring this only to be my Will  In Witness whereof I have hereunto set and put my Hand and Seal this nineteenth Day of August in the Year of our Lord One Thousand Seven Hundred and Sixty Four.
                                                            Margret Silcock
Signed Sealed Published & Declared
by the abovenamed Testatrix for and as her last
Will and Testament in presence of us who
have hereunto subscribed our Names as
Witnesses in the Presence of the said
Testatrix and in presence of each other
        Thomas Jump
        John Norris
        William Wilkison

Source: Private collection