London          }  To the sheriffs of the city of London; and to the sheriff
    and             } of the county of Middlesex; and to the keeper of his
 Middlesex     }  majesty's gaol of Newgate.

   Whereas, at the session of gaol delivery of Newgate for the city of London and county of Middlesex, holden at Justice Hall in the Old Bailey, on the nineteenth day of October last, Patrick Mahoney, Roger Jones, Charles King, and Mary Smith received sentence of death for the respective offenses in their several indictments mentioned:  Now it is hereby ordered that execution of the said sentence be made and done upon them the said Patrick Mahoney and Roger Jones, on Wednesday, the ninth day of this instant month of November, at the usual place of execution.  And it is his majesty's command that execution of the said sentence upon them, the said Charles King and Mary Smith, be respited until his majesty's pleasure touching them be further known.

   Given under my hand and seal this fourth day of November, one thousand seven hundred and sixty-eight.

James Eyre, Recorder.  [L.S.]

Source: 4 Blackstone, Commentaries, Appendix