Treason  Act  of 1495
(11 Henry VII, c. 1)

An Acte that noe person going with the Kinge to the Warres shalbe attaynt of

From hensfourth no manner of persone ne persones whatsoever he or they be,
that attend upon the King and sovereign lord of this lande for the tyme being in
his persone and do him true and feithfull service of alliegeaunce in the same,
or be in other places by his comaundement, in his werres within this lande or
without, that for the same dede and true service or alliegeaunce he or they be
in no wise convycte or atteynt of high  treason  ne of other offences for that
cause by Acte of Parliament or otherwise by any processe of lawe, wherby he or
any of theym shall lose or forfeit life landes tenementes rentis possessions
hereditamentis godes catelles or eny other thingis, but to be for that dede and
service utterly discharged of any vexacion trouble or losse; and if any Acte or
Actis or other processe of the lawe hereafter therupon for the same happen to be
made contrary to this ordynaunce, that then that Acte or Actes or other
processes of the lawe whatsoever they shall be, stande and be utterly voide.

Provided alwey that no persone ne persones shall take any benefite or
avauntage by this Acte which shall hereafter declyne from his or their seid