Willem king gret Gosfregð scirgerefan and ealle þa burhwaru binnan Lundene
freondlice.  And ic beode eow þat ge on Lanfrances lande archbisceopes þe
gebyrað into Hergan ne mman ne heort ne hindan ne hran, ne ge nates hwon
ðærinne æig ðing huntian butan ðam he rylf bebyt oððe leofe togyfð.

 King William extends friendly greeting to Geoffrey the sheriff and all the citizens of London.  And I order you that you not take stags or hinds or other deer from the land of Archbishop Lanfranc at the manor of Harrow, and that you not hunt anything there without the archbishop's order or license.

Source: David Bates, Regesta Regum Anglo-Normannorum: The Acta of William
I (1066-1087) (1998) [no. 78]