Philadelphia ss.

THIS INDENTURE Witnesseth,  That Michael Bub, of his own free will, hath put himself servant to Samual Wallace for the Consideration of Seventy three Pounds 7 ss. Paid to B. Bohlen, for his freight from Amsterdam as also, for other good causes, he, the said Michael Bub, hath bound and put himself, and by these presents doth bind and put himself Servant to the said Samuel Wallace, to serve him, his Executors and Assigns, from the Day of the Date hereof, for and during the full term of four years and six months, from thence next ensuing.  During all which term the said servant, his said Master, his Executors or Assigns, faithfully shall serve, and that honestly and obediently in all Things, as a good and faithful servant ought to do.
AND the said Samuel Wallace, his Executors and Assigns, during the said Term shall find and provide for the said Servant sufficient Meat, Drink, Apparel, Washing and Lodging, and at the Expiration of his term, he shall give said Servant Two Complete Suits of Cloths, One thereof to be New, to be taught to Read and Write, and  to Receive Twenty Dollars Specie. 
And for the true Performance hereof, both the said parties bind themselves firmly unto each other by these Presents.  IN WITNESS whereof they have hereunto interchangeably set their Hands and Seals.  Dated the Seventeenth day of September, Annoque Domini 1794

       Bound before               Michael Bub

       Lewis Farmer

Collection of Peter Tiersma