Statement on Language Rights by Linguistic Society of America (originally drafted by Peter Tiersma, with input by many LSA members)

Excellent site on bilingualism and language controversies in the U.S. (by James Crawford)

ERIC (clearinghouse on languages and linguistics)

English First (pro-English lobbying organization)

U.S. English (also an advocacy group)

United States Census
    1990 census data on American Indian tribes and languages
The Linguist List

Linguistic Society of America

Linguistic Journals on the Web

Ethnologue: Languages of the World (has maps of languages in countries around the world)

Teaching Indigenuous Languages

Kualono Hawaiian Web Site

The Aha Punano Leo Home Page

Links to European Minority Language sites (Mercator site at the Frisian Academy)

National Asian Pacific American Legal Consortion Program on Language Rights

Federal Office of Bilingual Education website

Bilingual Education Resources on the Internet (Univ of Texas)

TESOL site (teachers of English as a second language)

Frisian Academy website

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